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Harold - Watertown, NY - 23 October 2011  
I am no one special, just an average Joe. I have seen for years people on TV talking about losing great amounts of weight. I never believed I could be one of those people. I began my association with VIP Weight Loss Center on March 5 2011. I weighed 332.2 pounds. 
I was disgusted with myself I was afraid to try another diet and end up losing weight and only gaining it back. I had a sister who told me about this program. She had lost 35 lbs and kept it off. So after being afraid that I would end up in an early grave, I decided to give it a try. I was petrified. Really!
The first week I lost 10 lbs. I was determined. I could not believe how easy this was. The food tasted great. Having the freedom to “spice” things up, add vegetables was the key for me. My taste buds changed and things kept going well. The weekly coaching made the program work for me. I had the support and encouragement to keep going.
That I did.
I hit my target (220 lbs) on September 8 2011. I have my life back. The words do not express what I mean when I say that. I truly mean that I am now doing things that I only dreamed about.
 started bow hunting and using tree stands without a fear of breaking the stand, falling and killing myself. I have so much
energy. I think about doing something and find myself just doing it. I use to debate doing things and never do anything. I am so excited. I have a future and am making plans to do things.
My family and girlfriend cannot get over the change. They really like “being able to put their arms around me.” I am so very grateful to the Staff of VIP, for the developer
of this program and most of all for my coach, Nancy.
I believe I would not have made it without her complete support. During the weeks when my weight loss slowed she was unwavering in here encouragement and support. Thank you so very much.


Jim - Littleton, NH - 5 May 2011  

In November 2010 I started to seriously consider having gastric bypass surgery, because I weighted over 300 lbs, had diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and cholesterol, had trouble breathing and knew if I didn’t do something I would not be around much longer.

So one weekend I talked with my younger sister and told her of my desire to have the surgery because I didn’t think I could stand to try another diet, I knew she had lost a lot weight over 100 pounds and could speak from experience so when she told me about the Ideal Protein diet I thought that I would back off of the surgery and give one more diet program a try and boy am I ever happy I did. I did a search on the internet for a location close by that I could get information about the Ideal Protein diet and that is how I found out about the VIP WEIGHT LOSS.

I contacted them and after a one on one consultation with them I decided that this program just might help me finally achieve the weight loss that I was so much in need of.  

I started the program on December 1, 2010 and as of May 4, 2011 I have lost a total of 98 pounds and am 22 pounds from my goal to lose 120 pounds, but now that is just the news about the weight loss. But there was even better news for me because as the weight started to come off the medications I was taking started to disappear.

The first medication to go was my insulin shots, then metformin, next to go was starlix all three are diabetic medications, then the cholesterol and triglyceride meds and then finally I was weeded off of the high blood pressure meds. I never for a minute believed that I would ever be able to stop the insulin shots much less all the other meds but here I am 5 months after starting on this life changing experience and my Doctor has informed me that by all medical definitions I am no longer a diabetic and that I have added at least 10 years on to my life.

I have gone from a size 58 pants down to size 36 and have not felt this good about myself since I retired from the Army over 22 years ago. Like I have already said I still have 22 pounds to loose and then the 1st part of this life changing experience will be over and I look forward to proceeding to the next level which is to learn how to maintain the weight loss and with the help of the people at the VIP Weight Loss center I have no doubts I will achieve that goal to.

I look forward to all the help and support that I know I will get from them in the years ahead. To John McMahon and the rest of the staff at VIP Weight Loss Center and the Ideal Protein diet; all I can say is thank you for helping me achieve my goal and I look forward to years that you have helped me gain back. One last note if you are overweight and have decided that you will never be able to lose the weight but really want to then do yourself a favor and give the Ideal Protein Diet a serious look. It will change your life forever I know because it has already done that for me.


The VIP Weight Loss Center is Your Ultimate Weight Loss Source for Dieting that Get Results. 

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